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and here's what I originally sent them

(Just cranky enough, I guess....)


I ordered the kit for the bowknot sweater from you back in November, with it
arriving the first week in December.
I have found now that there is absolutely _not_ sufficient black wool in the
kit to complete the sweater. I am a very advanced
knitter, the gauge I am using is dead on and I have made no alterations to
the measurements of the garment. Having said
that, I am part way into the last sleeve with less than a ball of black to
go while I have more than 3 skeins of white left.
There was no way to check the count for black and white as it was not
indicated on the pattern how many of each the
kit should contain. I am _extremely_ disappointed in this turn of events.
Can you please arrange a solution.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible,
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