astuce (astuce) wrote in bowknot,

face front!

The front! she's done!

What glorious fun to watch this thing work up. Now I have to learn how to crochet
to finish the edge. My gauge was on, but I ended up with the armhole shaping
starting a little later in the pattern than indicated on the chart.
It all worked out well though. I'm a little concerned about the amount of
yarn I've got left (three skeins of black for the sleeves). It doesn't seem
like a hugely generous amount but I've got my fingers crossed. Yikes.

Also! I was in the bookstore today looking for a way to waste my money,
and in Ornament Volume 27 No. 2 ( a great magazine always anyways)
there's a great article about Schiaparelli which show a bunch of dresses
and a version of this sweater! I've got this crazy notion to keep knitting
the damn things in every version of the bow I can find!
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