astuce (astuce) wrote in bowknot,


I've started swatching and I think I'm
going to be at it for a while.
I feel like a complete and total spazz.
Like I'm learning to knit all over.

Here are two good and clear links for continental knitting.

I'm currently concentrating on finding a comfortable
and consistent way to keep that left hand yarn
wrapped and tensioned around my fingers.
The actual tension of the knitting is currently for crap
but I've decided to ignore it for the moment
until I get a useable methodology for just carrying
the damn yarn... (o boy, can we see the tone of this
project for the near future?!)

happy new year!
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Oh, dear! I'm almost ready to knit the thing in black with a cream bow again! I am petrified!


nononono! don't be scared!
First off, knit your swatch in cream carrying the black.
It's way easier to see what you're doing (i found)
And the link which shows the picture of the double wrap
around the index finger is the way I've been carrying the
yarn. I found that I was trying to keep the carried yarn
tensioned and it was all ending up too tight. So I found my
self just letting it be there and out of the way, fairly loose
and it worked out well. The first couple inches of swatch were
for CRAP but I think, after about 6 or 7 inches that I've got it.
When I started I was convinced it was hopeless, but really,
it's just different. So! Remember what it was like when you
were learning to knit and you thought it was hopeless?
It's like that, only faster.
I will try to get a picture of my swatch up today.

avoir du courage!