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What could it be????

I mean, what could it be???
Look at all that bubble wrap for the famous breakable sweater.

The thing!

The thing the thing is made of:

First of, j-, let's you and I be happy for our average size eight bods
because it turns out that the sweater is, I'm guessing, totally
modelled on the one in the museum down to the size which they say
knits up to a medium or medium small with a blocked bust of about 38".
It pleases me no end to be knitting a replica!

The gauge is 5.25 stitches/6 rows per inch blocked on 3.75 mm needles.
They advise knitting up a generous swatch and you can practice the
double stranding technique while you're at it.

The wool is fabulously old school. The white is a beautiful creamy natural colour,
and it just totally feels like I imagine that sweater to feel.

whoopeeeeee! I think I ordered my kit the week before you did,
so I imagine yours will be along soon. The trick is to leave it be
for now, I have so much other stuff to do and now it sits there taunting me....
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